Away3D Normalmaps Generation (2)


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This demo shows the combination of a normalmap after its generation with a bumpmap.
The settings are of course overkill, but they should show you enough how powerfull and good looking this combination can be. Even with this amount of faces.

Two events for the monitoring of the trace are available, TraceEvent.COMPLETE and PROGRESS. Handy if you generate from very large models.
You can set the amount of polygons to be handled per iteration to avoid to crash the player as well and even add a little blur to smooth the results.

The demo shows also one of the feature the new NormalUVModifier class has to offer.

First a sphere is generated and the bump information is applyed to it with the NormalUVModifier class. (I will soon show more of what this baby is capable of)


Then the Dot3Material is generated with the following maps and of course the generated normalmap.


A Flash 10 dedicated version is in the make. And should be available soon in a good svn near you.