Away3D Light pre-baking V1

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Away3D prebaking of light v1

Flat: that’s how Flash 3D looks like if you do not fake some light information. Sure we do have materials, but if you have a large scenery, it’s eating too much of precious cpu resources that we need to allow other tasks. So we do fake a lot…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

No more fake! We can now runtime or at dev time apply some lighting that runs at same speed as the basic material, but looking a whole lot better! With this version 1, I’m hoping to fill a gap between devs and designers.

The demo above shows how an ugly scenery like this can be transformed into something almost mysterious with this code. So imagine what you’ll get with this code in your hands! ?

There are tons of stuffs I want to add/improve to that one, but so far I’ve already added a few features such as:

  • Extended TraceEvents.
  • Getters for exports of the bitmapdata’s to disc in Air or F10.
  • Single materials: the same material can be set only once, the engine does apply new ones on itself.
  • Multiple lights: fully compatible with existing code.
  • Scene ambient light value.
  • Default material: if a Mesh object doesn’t have any material set of the wrong type, it generates a default one.
  • Alpha’s are respected.
  • Chunk process.
  • Object3D support: this means you can pass a whole container populated with Meshes or objectContainer3D’s objects.
  • And of course ease of use: Believe it or not, this is a one liner!!
  • var LPB:LightPrebaker = new LightPrebaker(Object3D, [lights array], ambient, maxtris);

    This version 1 of the LightPrebaking class will be added soon to the Away3D trunk, I need to do some clean up’s before.
    In future posts, I’ll try to show more code and hopefully some progress!