Away3D Extrudes (2)



After straight segments extrusion it was time to play with the rounded stuff.
This Lathe class allows you to rotate 2 or more 3D points arround the axis of your choice or using an offset if needed, you can add more rotations in order to generate springs, phonecords or screws… and like the segment extrude class it supports multiple textures and you can add thickness to the geometry as well. Very handy to show some exploded views of parts, educational stuff… or some melons!

This little technical demo shows the most common use of the class. Press on the model to change the points randomly.
lathe tech demo 1

For this one: Lathe+tweek properties+md2 generator = 30 sec work!
tech demo 2

If you wonder why there are no forks or spoons in the situation demo, that’s because I wanted to use exclusively the Lathe class to build it!
All the objects you see here are just generated with one line of code and an array of Number3D’s.
Of course, the idea is to use other forms, models, primitives but…. I just couldn’t resist!

More extrudes classes are coming…

PS: Jerome, it was too late to couple it with WoW, will try it in next one!

Note: For some weird reasons, these demo’s will play only with the latest player installed on your machine. (9,0,115,0). As soon as I’ve figured out why, I’ll update them.