Prefab3D update: What about saving your work?

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With this new release (2.135), Prefab enters new grounds.
Till now the app allowed you to generate, modify, and convert your 3D content.
A quick skybox test, lights sets, code help, vertex animation fix, test your skeleton anim, export your model to awd2 etc..
But if you work on a game level, extended scenery. Where you may need to work for hours on a project, in a team…
It was simply not possible as you could not save your work.

Now you can save!

This new version allows you to save multiple projects, swap between them,
I even pushed the game a bit further, every 5 min after you last time that you saved, Prefab will generate a backup file for you!

Everything you do into Prefab will now be saved in a tiny binary file that you can reload at will.
This means that not only meshes are restored, but all your lights, your methods, skyboxes, behaviours, multiple animations of different types, multiple material meshes, full materials with normal and specular maps.
It is also ready for the new stuff that I’ll add very soon. think here of lightmaps, secondery uv set generation, edits, paths…
Prefab continues to function as previously too. You still can use it to convert or test on the fly.
But if you want to use it to build more complex enviroments/models, now you can!
Prefab AS3 exports do reproduce also all methods, animations and material. Lighting and behaviours too, but into the PrefabProject class that comes with the outputs, so you can implement all these goodies the way you want.

Next to this massive update, many things were improved/fixed. On top of my head, the export folder issue on Windows, skybox clearance, faster exports, parsing progress, export progress, some null errors on vertex animation generation and many other things here and there.

As usual, if you have a request, found a bug, want to say hi, drop me a mail.
As many requested it, I’ll try make asap a video tutorial and will provide
probably some demo projects with it ( because now I can! 🙂 )

I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this release like I do.