Away3D: BBC Formula 1 circuit guides 2009


Away3D BBC Formula 1 circuit guides

After a few weeks of hard work, the first release of the BBC Formula 1 circuit guides for the 2009 season is a fact. I did for this project (you’ll never guess) the 3D part.

I usually do not publish over my commercial work here, but for once, I’ll make an exception:
How often do you work with talented creatives that actually do understand Flash, project managers who love their work and a client who wants the best and dares to be innovative?
Not even talking about the building process that turns out to be one of the most challenging Flash 3D project I’ve ever made.

Away3D Formula 1

On the technical side, I could tell you about the editors I needed to write in order to extract data from the delivered highres static models and output the dynamics, the elevation projections, that the 57 tracks generated (19 tracks in 3 tastes will be soon on the site) are pure AS3 and standalone, that they are all between 180 and 220 kb’s, the API to drive the 3D etc…
Instead, I’ll be short: without the advanced tools available in Away: no way!

The “Driver’s Lap” part of the application with its vids sync to live data and 3D is for the Formula 1 fans a must see. The video’s are only available for the UK.

Away3D Formula 1

For the international visitors like me, the information is sound driven.

Away3D Formula 1

No need to say I’m very proud of this piece!

Monterosa was commissioned by the BBC and brought in the Away Media team to produce the Flash 3D.