Away3D 2.0: Green Planet

Demos, Flash


After the Temple demo, I wanted to push the limits even further with something I’ve dreamed of making in Flash for a very long time: A full 3D immersion on another world!

To build such project you need mmm… a whole bunch of stuff!
Many hours of work later with the team, I’m very proud to announce with a demo unlike anything else, the release of a supercharged engine: The 2.0 version of Away3D!


Handling the rendering of over 13000 polygons, 16 animated and interactive models with surface tracking, and a cool soundtrack composed by Atom(bang).


I hope our new release and this atmospheric oddessey may bring out
the explorer in you!
So turn on your speakers and enjoy a new kind of ride into the realm of Away3D 2.0!


More info on our group here….