Away3D Temple: a low kb journey

Demos, Flash


Why don’t you add a monster in there? Can you shoot at something? Can you see under water? That’s what most people told me while I was busy writing this demo.
My answer: NO!

I have 4 reasons for that:
The first one is to give a sequel to one post (the maze one) where I’ve suggested that there are ways to do Flash3D without having to load kilometers of data, if you have the right tools.
This demo weights only 204 kb, is fully code generated, combines Flash’s power to reuse, alter, draw sources and the latest Away tools.


The beautiful ambiance music composed by Atom(bang) is externally loaded, weights 8 times the amount of the swf itself but enhance greatly the mysterious feeling you get while visiting the temple.

The second reason is that there is no better way to develop tools than using them yourself in a real case.

We are busy building tutorials and the source of this demo will be soon available across a series of tutorials soon to be found on the away3d site. From technical to project workflows. That would be my third reason.


I must say that I almost couldn’t resist to add the requested features and start building an extended base for a game environment. But again this piece is just an exercise, probably with some hidden bugs or stuffs that could be improved. I hope it shows enough what can be done if you set the right combination in your project.


Oh, almost forgot the last reason: have fun and introduce the 1.9.4 version of Away3D!